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In 2023, Appli experienced a triumphant year of innovation. Tailored for the workplace problem solver, Appli empowers you to apply your business process expertise in creating data-first systems for your company or others. The approaches for data collection, tracking, and sharing are customized to each business. Whether you’re building applications for your team or external clients, Appli stands as your comprehensive rapid application development solution.

Canela: Customer Trust, Independence, and Impact on Global Brands

Organizations of all sizes and sectors worldwide are using our products and services. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve these incredible brands. Here is a short list of some of our current customers – Costco, Walmart, Bausch + Lomb, Lens Crafters, Johnson & Johnson, Essilor – Luxottica, University of Southern California, Duke University, Los Angeles Angels (MLB), Philadelphia Eagles (NFL), Vatican City, US and Canadian military, hospitals worldwide, K-12 Education, and tens of thousands more.

With 27 years of history in making software, we have cultivated a wide range of clients. Our software empowers our clients and touches millions of people’s lives daily. Canela is a privately held company with no investors. This is important because it means we can make the tools we have dreamed of without external financial influence. Instead, we are investing heavily in the future of our software development by leveraging our team’s experience and vision to make app development more fluid. Our financial stability ensures our ability to be around for the long run.

Appli: Free Access and Free Consulting

We have been developing database apps for the last 20 years. Our experience provides the insight to evolve our app-making process into a transformative technology. We are harnessing the robust capabilities of the LiveCode engine to create a novel experience through our customized Integrated Development Environment (IDE) in Appli, introducing a fresh programming paradigm alongside LiveCloud.

We are excited to make this technology available to others. We know it is an investment to try a new tool. To make it easier for you, Appli is free until our hard launch next year, and there are no restrictions on its use during this time. Select the Learn tier to get started. We will provide you Appli for free along with access to our team. We want to see you succeed. With the included consulting, you have a winning combination that can quickly translate to success.

The Appli team is highly experienced in the software development business. We are doing everything we can to fast-track your learning and development cycle. We are providing free quality educational materials to get you started. Our investment in education is ongoing, with new content regularly each week. Please check out our blogs, documentation, tutorials, app templates, and videos. In January, Andre Garzia (pro developer and writer extraordinaire) will host online fireside chats where you can ask him questions about Appli and make new friends.

We have validated the effectiveness of this model through the implementation of complimentary personalized consulting for a select group of our early adopters. By having direct access to our team, we offer valuable business guidance for your ideas and assist you in completing your initial commercial application within Appli. Our initial supporters inform us that we have surpassed their expectations, and they have now adopted Appli as their primary development tool moving forward.


Over my many years of developing solutions for various markets, I am very impressed with what Mark and his team have accomplished in Appli.   I have found the functionality within Appli to be comprehensive and very straight forward and easy to use.  I have recently gone “live” with my Appli app.  It is being used in a business environment and the users are impressed with its ease of use and user friendliness.  The fact you can work offline is a huge plus in the “use case” of my customers.  That feature alone is significant in both performance and flexibility.  Also, the speed at which an app can be modified and expanded in function is very helpful for my users.   I think the current state of the Appli product and the “road map” for its future is bright.
-Mike Hasbrook


Two weeks of development with Appli allowed one of our early adopters to surpass weeks of unfinished work with another environment and finish their MVP early. We helped analyze their market, covered sales model options, aided with external hardware integration, improved key features in Appli, and received actionable feedback that made all this possible.

This is important to us. Every improvement we make helps future developers. We want to make Appli your go-to app development tool for vertical market apps. To do that, we need to understand your needs. Everything needed to build great software is in the box, with added functionality in our weekly releases.

Unlock Your Software Development Potential: Appli’s Exclusive Offer for Free Early Adopter Access and Custom Consulting

We are excited to offer early adopters access to Appli and custom consulting free of charge. Start your new year resolution to jumpstart your software development early and take advantage of this offer. Our early adopters have seen immediate support for what matters to them and have helped us make Appli better than ever.

Our custom consulting is available to everyone, regardless of whether you’re just getting started or are a team of veteran developers. We want to listen to your needs, hear your business story, and discuss how Appli can improve your software business. We are confident that you’ll experience the difference that our qualified Appli team members can provide.


Application developers are by nature, creative people. In order to create applications, they need to have the ability to imagine how Application users can use their Creation. Creative tools help in this endeavor and Appli is the Swiss Army Knife, that helps developers create applications. The Canela team helps by adding Enhancements, Updates, Learning Blogs, and General Support to keep Appli up to date and on the cutting edge.
-Clarence Martin


Take advantage of this unique offer while space permits. Remember that Appli is free until our hard launch early next year, giving you enough time and support to get your first product or two to market. There is nothing to lose – everyone wins.

So why wait? Get your free custom consulting with a qualified Appli team member today and unlock the full potential of your software business. Visit to get started.

We express our heartfelt gratitude to our valued clients for their trust and collaboration throughout the year. Your success stories fuel our passion for innovation. As we embark on an exciting 2024, we eagerly anticipate releasing more incredible features to further empower your endeavors. Wishing you a restful holiday season and a prosperous new year!