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Build without borders

Make data-driven apps as easy as drag and drop. Build without borders, the only limit is your imagination.

Design, data, logic, deploy. All in one powerful tool.

Appli is a uniquely powerful app-building tool that allows design flexibility, logic, data, and deployment all within one tool. If data is important to you, you owe it to yourself to check out Appli.

Make use of the Appli Player

Push your project to the cloud with a single click. Add your app to Appli Player via a unique app code.

Your project can work offline, on the cloud, or a hybrid of both.

Testing that’s designed for rapid progress

Get an accurate experience of your app across devices and form factors with the ability to test Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android on device. Allowing you to get from idea to product as fast as possible.

And there’s more

Cross Compatibility

Build on Mac or Windows for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.

Modern IDE

A beautiful, powerful tool that you can pick up and play. Elements snap into place with auto-align. Built-in tools help with databases, forms, authentication, printing, maps, browsers, data views, and testing your work.

Bind data to elements

Bring your app to life, binding data to actions and visuals within your app.

Robust block coding built-in

Start with Appli’s no-code features to get started. Use block coding to complete your work.


Start with one of our provided templates. Be free to modify and make it your own.


Bring richness with swipe and fade animations within your apps.

Responsive built-in

Layout your UI once and have it automatically work everywhere.

Intuitive tools

Bring your design to life with intuitive design tools. Import media and CSV data via drag and drop.