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I am so happy to announce that we have launched Appli today. It has been an incredible journey to get to this point. It took us 1586 days, or 52 months or 4.3 years, to arrive to this day.

We started with an idea to make databases more accessible to people. Our process began with us developing a front-end to our existing LiveCloud back-end. We realized that we wanted to reach the largest possible audience. This meant we needed to create a new platform with a new IDE built from the ground up to make database apps in a way that makes sense to our experienced team. We hope you like it as much as we do.

Like most developers, we severely underestimated the complexity and workload we were about to undertake. It is good that we did not realize this, or it might not have seen the light of day. I am so glad our vision was bright enough to set us on our path. We were full of enthusiasm and determination to see our vision through. Today is a culminating moment.

All said we are still trekking onward. We are just getting started on the parts that matter most to our users. The foundation has been laid for a robust framework. We can expand from here with the knowledge that all new features can rely on our investment in Appli.

Community involvement and cross-pollination is the key to a successful platform. You are a critical part of the Appli community process. To make this work we are designing multiple ways to make this happen.


Low-code Actions

We created a framework for our actions. The code is documented in each action. They come with supporting APIs. Each action is a complete module that contains the dictionary entry, UI management in the code editor, and the job of the action. You can study all the current actions to see how they work. If you are interested in accessing the framework of our actions, let us know. We are releasing this access to a select few right now. We will eventually have a developer portal to support this.

Present your projects and, if applicable, a business plan. This can be done in a short paragraph. What are you making, who will use your app, and what are your challenges? We will review your submission and reach out to you. During these early days, you can get more free access to us. We can quickly develop supporting actions to help you reach your goal. Everyone wins!


We have seen some of your projects. You have inspired our team to work on the things that matter most to you. We want to write exposes about you and your product launches. We want to actively help grow our community and provide another voice to promote your hard work.



We want to create a community where you can make your work available for free or for a fee. Help others reach their goals by creating template apps. The best community is one that meets a variety of needs. We see a place where people match people up with developers and designers. This is a huge undertaking. So it will take time to flesh it out completely. It is on our roadmap.

We are most thankful to have you in our community. If you have used a promo code to use Appli, we are happy to announce that your code has been extended well beyond the original 45 days. Some of you have enjoyed early access for more than two years. Your input deserves recognition as an extension to your free access. Please enjoy a bonus of 60 days. After which, we appreciate you moving to one of our available tiers to continue living the dream of quicker app development.

Best regards,
Mark Talluto
Founder and CEO
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