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As the world becomes more digitized and mobile devices are in everyone’s hands, users expect businesses to move and meet them where they are. In fact, Pew Research recently revealed that 97% of Americans aged 18 to 49 own a smartphone — an element business owners shouldn’t take for granted when engaging with their customers.

Smartphones are no longer just for making calls or communicating through text. They’ve become an all-in-one personal device. And, with 41% of Americans reporting they’re almost constantly online daily, it’s safe to say mobile devices have made this easier for them. They’re on social media, tracking their expenses, reading and sending emails, shopping, and many more activities.

Luckily for small business owners and those keen on starting their app development journey, no-code and low-code are streamlining the way people build apps for customer-facing or internal operations purposes. Instead of using complicated and time-consuming code to create apps or automate workflows, this new wave of programming uses coding blocks to simplify language for non-technical users or anyone looking to become more productive.

Let’s review five reasons why your business should have a mobile app and, even better, how you can DIY it!

1. Enhance Brand Awareness

One of the most difficult steps for a brand is becoming recognizable enough to be people’s go-to service or product. This is why brand awareness plays a crucial role in growing a company, especially when most people are drawn to buying from a company they’re familiar with. A business app will already give you a privileged spot in people’s smartphones, improving your company’s likelihood of becoming users’ first choice.

With no-code, the possibilities are endless on what you want your business app to offer. From an online shopping hub for your local store to customer support services or a newsletter, it’s your call. At Appli, we know you might want a well-rounded solution, so we’ve made a business sample template you can use as a starting point to build an app that communicates your mission and allows users to contact you and browse your catalog.

2. Increase Customer Engagement

Americans check their phones 144 times a day—that’s 144 opportunities to make an impression and draw them to your product. Having an app people can go to at any time means your customers can engage with your small business beyond physical stores, phone calls, or emails. Plus, it creates direct access rather than visiting a website.

Thanks to push notifications, mobile apps can also give your company center stage whenever you desire. Whenever you have a sale, a new product, or want to draw eyes to fan-favorite items, a mobile notification quickly reminds customers to take a peek. 

Choosing the no-code route means you have full oversight of how you engage when you do it and what element you’ll use to hook customers to your app. Additionally, using a design-focused tool like Appli means your app will be user-friendly and visually appealing, so users want to stay longer.

3. Drive Sales

A good mobile application should ultimately increase your company’s sales or attract more clients to your services; otherwise, these efforts might hold you back from generating revenue elsewhere. The good news is apps are really good at driving purchases!

But don’t take it from us; Nike is a brilliant example. The sportswear giant attributed 18% of its annual revenue growth to its mobile apps, which include the Nike Run Club, Nike SNKRS, and their staple shopping app. “Increased digital engagement is translating into more repeat buyers, a higher buying frequency and increased average order value, ultimately driving higher lifetime value through membership,” said Nike’s CEO, John Donahoe.

While Nike’s scale might differ from your company’s, it’s evident that engaging users with useful and easy-to-navigate apps can help convert sales and attract more people to your brand. Being a tap away from your customers and in the palm of their hands can be the biggest e-commerce move you could make for revenue growth and customer retention.

4. Boost Customer Loyalty

Mobile apps are a great place to hook customers to your brand, and the best way to do so is by offering a loyalty program. The numbers speak for themselves: 77% of customers will buy more from bands with whom they have a relationship, be it a subscription or loyalty program. Through a points system or exclusive sales events according to customer preference, you can show your customers you appreciate their service and want to reward them.

When going the no-code route, you can start small and scale with time: Build an app for customers to register to your loyalty program (we have a handy template for this!). They can sign up on the go so you can issue and deliver a member card, send emails, or communicate through SMS. Not only will this help you retain their business, but you can also surprise them with discounts and other sweet deals to increase sales.

5. Improve Invoicing Efforts

Sending invoices can be a hassle sometimes. You might have too many to send, and getting your ducks in a row is difficult. Over 20% of businesses say they experience late supplier payments, incur high invoicing costs, and lack visibility into payment and invoice data. To solve these problems, you can send electronic invoices through a dedicated app.

By crafting your own no-code invoicing app, you’ll have full control of costs, invoice delivery, and payment data—we also have a template to help you get started. The platform allows you to communicate with your suppliers and clients, ensuring they receive your invoices in a timely manner and can easily pay through embedded payment options.

These five reasons are just the tip of the iceberg for the benefits of building your own app for your business. You can improve the app and push updates whenever you wish, quickly fix bugs in real time, work asynchronously online and offline, and add massive value to what your company can offer clients.

Ready to start your journey with no-code and low-code? Get started for free with Appli today and begin crafting the business app you deserve.