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design. develop. deploy.

Move your spreadsheet data to interactive views.

Build data-driven apps today.

Design your screens with built-in elements.

Bind your data visually.

Block coding brings your data to life.

Deploy your projects in real-time.

Your app, across devices, across platforms.

Appli is all you’ll ever need to create and deploy data-driven apps for you, co-workers, and clients across multiple devices and platforms. 

We've been playing with Appli and it has the potential to cause step change in our process, allowing designers to realise their intentions and developers to complete a project from ideation to deployment.

StuartDigital Designer, Daysix

A complete workflow


Flexible Design Platform

With intuitive drawing tools and granular control of elements, any design concept can be realized across mobile and desktop.

Data and Logic

Tie-in your data and apply logic to your design in a low-code and no-code accessible environment.

Deploy your App

Test your app locally on your machine. Deploy through the cloud. Use our Appli player app to get it straight on any device or publish through the app stores as a standalone app.